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Thread: I'm Committed! I've sent in the Rebate...

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    I'm Committed! I've sent in the Rebate...

    Now I'm really scared. really.

    Hello everyone,
    Just wanted to let you all know that after long deliberation I decided to take the blue pill.
    I have committed to my Droid but more importantly I've committed to Google. I hope they deliver.
    1.Love my droid, but I am a menace on the road when I have to use it to make a call.
    Would love to hear how you people use it as a (I can't believe I'm saying this)...a phone (that doesn't kill people). Tips, tricks suggested threads would be Great!
    2. I'm a small business owner so contacts and email are important. Have yet to find something to sync to Outlook that is easy and reliable (ie. Companion Link...not so convinced). But who needs Outlook anyway with Gmail, contacts and calendar. Right!?
    So if you are using the above, and have some advice. I would love to hear it.
    Well that's all for now, I appreciate your help. I have to go and blow up a fake panda and some unfinished construction...Blow Up - I LOVE IT!

    life is sweet,

    had to put this in...whatever it is.
  2. Droid Ninja
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    Outlook syncing look up an app called Touchdown.

    As for using it as a phone on the road. I remember something about an app that allowed voice dial through bluetooth. I believe it was called "HF Dialer" or something similar. I don't know if it works well or for that matter if it works at all. Hopefully someone has some experience with it and can drop by with more info on it.
    OG Droid w/ Pete's GPA16 w/ stock Kernel using auto OC script. (retired)

    LG G2X w/ rooted 2.3.3 leak.

    It's OK for your Droid to be different. Just be supportive and reassuring and it will do just fine. It's when you or other people point at it or mock it for being different is when its' feelings get hurt. Just show it unconditional love regardless of its' differences and it will in turn reciprocate that love and loyalty.
  3. Johnly
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    The voice dial is nice, tho I wish it would auto with a set default, but one touch dialing is good too. Touchdown for now, but the google devs are getting exchange security policies in place, so you want have to rely on a third party app for ever, tho, from what I hear, touchdown delivers big time.
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    Get a bluetooth adapter for your radio if it is not Bluetooth enabled. Setup the voice dialing. You will make your life safer and that of your roadwarrior companions, as much. Free your hands and your eyes up to the wheeled-rocket you are piloting.
  5. Junior Droid
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    Well here is the sad part. I'm not on exchange. Will touchdown still work?
    Is exchange expensive?


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