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Thread: hello, new person with a new question

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    hello, new person with a new question

    hey well im new here and i just thought i would say a little bit about myself, I got the droid the day after it came out because i was switching over to verzion from sprint.. enought said about that lol but anyway i have 2.0.1 running right now and i want to have the 2.1 update but from what i can tell i dont think it will ever come so why not just put the update on myself right, but anyway if i dont get banned for this im going to ask a question, since i think i cant root my phone because i have the 2.0.1 on it right now i am going to do a factory reset on it but by doing this will it mess up with my plan and everything? if so then i dont want to do this but if not then im going to do it ASAP, but yeah thats my little bit about me and why i got the phone any questions just ask away

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    Here are my thoughts about rooting:

    If you are considering rooting your phone, I suggest that you go to the Droid Hacking section of the forum and read as many threads as possible. There are several videos on YouTube that step you through the rooting process. Some processes such as, DMUpdater (Loading DroidMod Roms with DMupdater, Reflashing to Older Sholes/DroidMod Roms), do a lot of the work for you. Other processes such as Matth3W's tutorial (Complete How-To on How to Mod Your Phone (2.1 ROM, O/C, MM, Boot Animation, etc)) require you to enter the SU (super user) commands yourself. Rom manager is a new application that has just been released. I've not used that particular app so I'm not comfortable providing any suggestions. I prefer the hands on approach so I used Matt's tutorial to root my phone.

    Recently, a new tool, Rom Manager, was released. You should spend time reviewing this process as well. Here is a link (http://www.droidforums.net/forum/bla...step-step.html) that may help. While the link focuses on A specific rom it will give you a flavor of how the tool works.

    The newest rom releases are 2.1. Since you are moving from stock which is a 2.0.1 you will need to wipe your data and cache.

    At first, all of this may seem daunting, but if you prepare by reading, making notes, etc you will successfully root your phone. There will be someone here to help you every step of the way.

    Hope this helps and gets you started.


    BTW doing a factory reset will not do anything to your plan
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    Welcome to your newest obsession, andrewb! Glad you've decided to join us here on the forum! Enjoy!

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    Put your mind at ease, rooting will not mess up your plan with VZ.
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    Welcome! Plenty of good insight on rooting can be found in this forum, so take a little time. If you get a notice about the OS update, you can choose not to apply it right away, so don't feel rushed.
    Ran into a little snag? Have a question? Think your phone is only good to hold down rogue papers in a wind storm now? Visit the Rescue Squad!


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