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Thread: Just ordered a Droid to replace my 3GS.

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    Just ordered a Droid to replace my 3GS.

    Hey all. I just ordered my Droid and I'm honestly hoping it suits my needs well. I've been an iPhone user (though I HATE Apple) for about a year and the reason is there's just never been anything that can do what it does. Now, having dealt with ATT's suck service and 3g coverage, Apple's ham-fisted, control-freak nature, and a phone that, while revolutionary, couldn't do the most basic things (cut and paste...duh!), I've been pushed too far. How dare Apple censor their app store, chose to decide what I should or should not be subjected to, and poo on 5000+ developers by removing their apps because of this censorship (a bikini seller's app...come on!). But oddly enough, Playboy and SI's Swimsuit app are just fine. I won't be part of this by giving my hard earned money to this jerks!!!

    So my Droid should come early next week and I'm really hoping it'll do for me. Obviously I have a trial period and I will keep my iPhone and number with ATT just in case it doesn't work. Wish me luck y'all!!!
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    Ah, I can remember being in this exact position back in Nov. I wanted the droid but was worried if it would perform as well as, or better than the 3gs. Turning it on alone almost did enough when I saw how right the screen was. And I took a short video, and it looked great. Then i was using pandora(i do a ton) and realized I didnt have to ignore a text message or Im because I didn't want the music to stop.

    You will be pleased. Just make sure you give yourself a little time to adjust to the new OS. It's nothing like the iphone OS, but will end up being easier if you keep an open mind. Far too often I see people trying to replicate the process to do things from the iphone on an android device. They don't realize that it is supposed to be it's own thing..not a designer imposter. The iphone interface is simple and streamlined and works well. But that doesn't make up for it's limitations.

    Good luck! And def ask all ?'s you come up with.
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    as soon as you learn the basics of the droid go ahead and update it with bugless beast 1.1 and you'll be good to go. I hope you enjoy the phone .
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    Good luck!
    Just remember that the droid will do things differently than the iphone so it may take a little getting used to.

    Spend copious amounts of time on this forum reading and you'll be a pro before you get your droid.
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    Well you won't need luck the droid is an amazing phone and way better than iphone and big reds network and service is fantastic. Keep in mind that switching devices is not easy it is different system than the iphone and will take some getting used to I suggest spending some reading time here in the forums to really get to know droids full potential iv had mine since early january and I still find things everyday that the droid has that are just amazing so just be sure to be open minded and don't expect the user experience to be like iphone in the long run u will really love it and will never go back to apple


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