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Thread: Hello Everyone! Excited and a few questions.

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    Talking Hello Everyone! Excited and a few questions.

    First of all I have to say that since experiencing Android, it's become the best smartphone experience I've ever had. It's what I've been wanting in a phone for sooo long.

    Currently I own a Sprint HTC Hero. LOL I will be terminated from them in April due to too much data usage on their network. So I have to find another carrier and phone. I've always regretted getting with Sprint since the Droid came out. I got with Sprint one month before the Droid came out.

    Now onto the questions that I have for whoever would like to answer.
    I want to get two Droids on a Family Share Plan. I use data a lot on my smartphone. The extra Droid is for my girlfriend who wouldn't use anywhere near of much data as me but wants to experience Android as well.

    Any info for new Verizon users and Droid users would be great.
    Also any idea of what would be the best plan for two Droids?

    One week till I own a Droid and sell my Hero. I'm pumped and want to Root it day one.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    I have the same situation:

    700 min family plan: $59.99
    Data plan Droid I: $29.99
    Data plan Droid II: $29.99
    Add a line phone II: $10.00
    unlimited text in 500 out phone I: $10.00
    unlimited text in 500 out phone II:$10.00
    insurance phone I defects only: $1.99
    insurance phone II defects only: $1.99


    Total bill is around $175/month ouch!!!

    This seems to be the most stripped down plan to cover all of our needs.

    THere is not a lower min family plan available and is defiinetley cheaper than if we both had our own plans.

    To me it is well worth it I love my DROID "Droid Does".....

    The wife could do without most of the features and will probably be dropping down to a LG Dare type phone next with the $15.00 internet plan. will save us about 15-20/ month...
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    I'm in a similar situation, and I do agree that the plan is expensive... but I don't think there is a cheaper web/email plan for both droids.


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