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Thread: Intro & Need Advice on New Smartphone

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    Intro & Need Advice on New Smartphone

    Hello All,

    Im deciding which smartphone will be my next.


    I got my first smartphone, a Motorola Droid X2, through Verizon in June 2011 and have had it ever since.
    I like the Android platform better than IOS; I like the availability of widgets for system settings on my home screen, I like Googles services, syncability with W7, the nonproprietary connector, etc.
    With my Droid X2, though, Ive come to loathe that my phone is still running Android 2.3 and that it has so many carrier apps which I cant get rid of.

    I initially directed my loathing toward Motorola but I now understand its not only the OEM but also the carrier who plays a part in whether and when given update is pushed to the user. My understanding of the Android update process is (1) Google releases the update, (2) the OEM decides if the update is applicable to a given device, (3) the OEM maybe applies the update to that device, (4) the OEM releases that update to the carrier, (5) the carrier decides whether to apply that update to the device, (6) the carrier maybe applies the update to the device but with user functionality restrictions, (7) several months later, the user finally maybe gets the update.

    My understanding of the updating process being what it is, I want either a smartphone directly from Google, e.g. a Nexus 4 or Nexus X, or the closest equivalently-pure and instant/fast-updated Android phone from one of the OEMs.

    What I really want in a device:
    <5 display
    High-resolution display
    Fast CPU
    No carrier apps
    No carrier OS restrictions

    What I want but what I can compromise on:
    High-fidelity audio
    o Something on par with a Walkman or a Cowan device
    o Something with a strong amplifier

    What I am willing to sacrifice in a device:
    Removable battery
    Removable SD card
    Social media app customizations

    What Id like in a carrier:
    Fewest restrictions to the phones functionality
    No contract required

    Im also considering an iPhone or a Windows 8 phone though I know both Apple and Microsoft will want me to use their services if I get one of their phones.

    I can still go either Android, IOS or Windows 8, though.

    I welcome any recommendations and any advice.
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    Welcome to Droid Forums!! I am sorry to say I do not have a lot of info on the newer devices, kind of been out of the loop for a bit. But I am sure someone will come along with a little more up to date info that can help out.

    Good luck making your decision!!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Definitely some nice devices out there and more coming on the horizon...if you get a chance to get some hands on time in stores in your area, definitely one of the best ways to narrow down which devices will work for ya...good luck!
    **Be yourself - Everyone else is already taken**

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you are happy with your choice of a new phone.
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    welcome to the forum


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