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Thread: New user looking for some tech advice

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    Question New user looking for some tech advice

    Good evening. My name is Fred and I am from Maine. I have a Motorola Droid X 16gb, MB810.

    Lately I have been having issues with the phone charging or lack there of. I would plug it in and nothing happens. I thought it was the charger so I replaced that, OEM direct from verizon. No luck there. I shut my phone down for the night and tried again the next day. Wouldnt you know, worked fine. Worked for about 2 days. This brings me to Wednesday night. Went to plug it in again before bed, nothing. Tried a little wiggle, nothing!! Left it plugged in and went to bed. Sometime throughout the night it decided to start charging but never got a full charge. About halfway through Thursday my low battery warning showed and I plugged it in and NOTHING AGAIN. I left it on my desk at work as I continued through my day. I did notice it bouncing back and forth like I was plugging it in and unplugging it. Sometimes this would happen a couple times and other times it was rapid. Got home that night and tried to plug it in and nothing and it has been nothing since and now the battery is so dead I can't even get the phone to try and power up.

    So.....can anyone tell me if a worn battery would cause all this or is it a hardware issue or maybe a worn out jack(place where I plug into phone)? I do have a new battery on order but I know they do not come fully charged. If the new battery along with the new cord doesnt solve it, can the power jack be replaced by a consumer? I see a lot of used "parts" phones on Ebay.
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    Welcome to Droid Forums. I would say that it could be the battery, however, it does sound like what happened to me when the jack went bad. Not saying that is definitely it but it is a possibility. As far as changing it yourself, I am sure it can be done but have never attempted anything like it to comment on how it works.
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    Welcome to DF! Like JSM said, it is possible it is any of the things you mentioned. If the battery is a couple years old (being the x, sounds quite possible) then it could be it was on its last legs in accepting a charge but it is puzzling that it charged enough recently to allow you a good quality charge. Hopefully when you get your new battery, it will prove to be the battery and not the charging port.

    When you get the new battery, before powering up the phone, charge it to 100% to ensure maximum flag on the charge meter. While you wait for your new battery, I would keep trying to get the old one to charge (which I'm sure you are already trying).

    Keep us posted.

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    Welcome to the site.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Fred! Keep us posted on your progress with the battery / cord / jack...
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