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Thread: new Eris user

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    new Eris user

    New Eris user. Just getting used to it. Have a couple of things I'd like to do but haven't taken the time yet to read up on how to do them. First, they imported my contacts from my old phone, and I'd like to group them. Figured out how to establish a group, but not how to assign existing contacts to the group.

    Also, still haven't figured out how to get pictures from my computer into the phone.

    We'll git er done eventually, but any advice, experience, etc. will be appreciated!


    Jim O'Dowd

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    to the forums!!

    You should just be able to mount your sdcard to your computer, and place the pics on the sdcard.....just drag and drop....you may wanna create a new folder on the sdcard to keep it organized

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    You can plug your Eris to the PC with the USB cable, Pull down the notification bar, Click on Mount SDcard, then you can drag and drop.
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