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Thread: New Member Help-Rage of Bahamut

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSM9872 View Post
    Glad it all worked out for you, enjoy the game!!

    I actually hadn't considered side loading since I mistakenly thought it was a paid app despite looking it up, looking it up again I see it is not. Thanks for helping out cobra!!
    Yeah, I was kinda biting my nails hoping it wasn't a paid app lol.
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    Regular45 really helps noobs.

    I looked for a long time for the best Rage of Bahamut Referral code. This was the best I found on CNET posted by "regular45" "Giving a 2x bonus referral code.

    His quoted post below:

    "Before you finish the tutorial stage it is VERY important that you register your phone with RoB so that you can get the rewards. One you have done that, enter code zsm94777 at the end of the tutorial and you will get 100k plus a rare card initially straight to your inbox. Afterwards, send a message to me in game using the user search function. I am "regular45" in game. Let me know you used my code and registered your phone. I will send you MY BONUS too!!

    That means you get from the start, 200k and 2 rare cards. Then the day you get to level 50, let me know because I will have a high rare card for you. Total is 200k + 2 rares (angelic knight and Lucy) + a high rare and up card pack.

    Why would I do this for free?

    Because I already have 15+ million rupies and I dont need low rare cards because they just clutter my inventory. I have maxed out SR and SSR's

    So why else do I do it?

    If you stay with the game, you can check our order out. We are in the top 30 orders, which is awesome out of the thousands. Don't worry, I will not solicit an invitation to you, you must ASK to join. Plus I will give you pointers along the way so you dont waste cards or get scammed by people taking advantage of newbies.

    So summary.

    1. Download the game
    2. Register your phone immediately so you can receive gifts
    3. Finish the tutorial and enter zsm94777 for referral code
    4. Message me in game to "regular45"
    5. Tell me you used my referral code and you registered your device
    6. I will send you my 100k and my rare card
    7. Keep in touch with me for any questions you may have!!
    8. Level up and if you need an order to join we may have a slot open and if we dont, ill let you know when we do if you keep in touch

    Ok, Good luck guys and see you there!"

    End quote.

    I ended up settling on this guy, and he came through with the 200k and rares. He also gave me some normal and high normal cards to help build my deck. I wasn't a ton of extra stuff, but he didn't have to do that. Anyways, regular45 was super helpful to me so he deserves a little recognition so I dont mind giving him a shout out over my own referral code... for now, lol. Oh, and he taught me how to allocate my skills so I dont gimp my char, and how to evo and enhance properly. Real nice guy.

    Even if you dont use his code, you should talk to him if you need some information.

    Happy gaming! Source(s): CNET and In Game
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