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Thread: Newbie with problems.

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    Newbie with problems.

    I realize this is a "new member intro but I've been on several sub forums and not getting anywhere. Maybe somebody can help me.

    I'm fairly new to the smart phone world and have a Motarola Droid Bionic. Verizon is my carrier. I'm happy with the phone. I use it for calls, email, Map and GPS. I downloaded NHL Stanley Cup and listened (until my team bit the dust) and I occasionally use the browser. I don't play games. I don't listen to music or watch videos. Since I rarely text (I'm an old fart) I did not pay for a text package. Instead of paying .25 per text, especially from advertisers who send me spam, I have text turned off. For the few that do insist on texting me, I use Google voice. When I do this, I am also happy with the voice recognition. This also works for other input and I am happy with it.

    Gmail synchs perfectly with the phone and my computer. All of my extensive contacts phone numbers and emails are at my fingertips. Since I travel, keeping contected is great. Oh I also use the alarm clock in motels.

    My google calendar is the problem. I can create a calendar event on my computer and it displays on my phone. However, if I create an event on my phone, it does not appear on my computer. Setup on my phone for calendar indicates "visible / not synched". A mobile setup feature on the google calendar page instructs me to enter my phone number and click "send verification to my phone". An error message indicates SMS messages are blocked. After talking to Verizon support, he said SMS didn't have anything to do with texting. He was wrong. I had him unblock my text temporarily and sending the verification code via the setup works. It did this by sending a txt message to my phone with the verification number. OK great, now I have a verification number. The calendar setup page instructs me to enter this code. Entering that number on the google mobile setup results in "incorrect verification code, try again". I have tried multiple "agains"

    Verizon tell me to contact google. Google support forums tell me to contact my provider. I have searched and found several others with similar problem but no solution. I am getting tired of Verizon and Google pointing fingers at each other.

    If I can fix the calendar
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    Hi, welcome to the forum!!!! Your issue may be that your trying to send the request via text or SMS... and you should send it via email to yourself.

    So when you go to send the event notification, enter your email address instead of your phone number...

    Hope this helps??

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    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding.....
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    You might doublecheck that your sync settings are check in the settings - accounts. Are you using the stock calendar app or a 3rd party app?
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    Welcome to the site. Hope you get this resolved.
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    Welcome to DF!! I don't use the calendar ever to try and assist but I wanted to pop in and say hi anyway


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