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Thread: nexus&rezound

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    My current phones are the g-nex& rezound. Iam having reception issues with g-nex at my home. I have also owned the x x2& thunderbolt and had no reception issues with them. I hope problem with g-nex is software and not hardware. I don't want to get rid of g-nex but not working in my home will be a deal breaker for me. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would like to know. Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to Droid Forums Grayson!! I am probably not a good person to chime in for the Nexus reception issues since I use a lot of wi-fi and am in an area with spotty 4g so it is constantly switching.

    What I can say is you are not alone as far as having issues, I have read quite a few posts describing the same things. Many are hopeful it can be fixed with a software update but nothing is certain until we get to that point unfortunately.
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    Welcome to the site. Reception issues are the second reason I have left a carrier, right behind poor customer service, so I can identify with your plight.


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