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Thread: First Impressions

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    First Impressions

    Hi all,

    I have had my Motorola Droid for a little over a month now. I thought it would be a good idea to wait until I had spent some time getting used to my new phone before posting up.

    My wife had Verizon service for a few years before we switched to an AT&T family plan. She encouraged me to switch us back to Verizon when our contract was up. Being unhappy with AT&T's service and support, I was happy to oblige. I was also unhappy with my Windows Mobile smart phone, the Samsung BlackJack II.

    The biggest problem I had with my old phone was that I found the interface discouraging to use. In fact, I pretty much abandoned using the smart phone capabilities and used it exclusively for phone calls, texting and light web surfing. I don't hold any grudges against the phone or the OS, but it was just not for me.

    Now that I have my Droid, I couldn't be happier. I find it much more user-friendly and customizable than my old phone. I now feel much better about paying $30/month for unlimited data. Combine that with the fact that the service and support from Verizon is miles better than AT&T and I am glad that I made the switch.

    I use this forum to find suggestions for apps. I have found that reading through the discussions and reviews really helps narrow down which apps I will find useful. So far the apps that I am most happy with are PdaNet, Handcent, Swype, Beautiful Widgets, Pandora, Advanced Task Killer and Battery Left.

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    I'm glad your enjoying the phone so far!
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