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Thread: Which Phone??Droid or Eris

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    Question Which Phone??Droid or Eris

    I have never had a smart phone and am in the market but confused on which one I should get. The most important thing is that the sound quality and volume must be clear and loud threw the earpiece, speaker and bluetooth. Phone will be used mainly for calls and web and apps navigation very very little texting. Should I go with the Droid or the Eris. Thanks,
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    Welcome to the forum. It would be best for you to visit a Verizon store and play with each device for a little while. You shouldn't have any sound issues with either phone. I did notice that you said navigation would be a main use and you should be aware that the Eris only has google maps and the Droid is the only phone with Google navigation right now. The Eris should get it later with a software update though.
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    like stated before the volume of the call should be the same on either phone. now you said that you are looking for something with very little txting so the droid keyboard probably wont be much of a deal breaker. also like to poster before me said the best way is to just go to the stop and play with them both. i would say the eris even though i do have the droid and i love it but either way they are both good phones and get the job done


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