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Thread: New guy. About to figure out my helmets too tight.

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    New guy. About to figure out my helmets too tight.

    Ello! About to recieve my first smart phone (I know I know its the 90s already, geez grampa...what took you so long?)...what do you mean? its not the 90s anymore....NOOOOOOOooooooo...what am I gonna do with all these parachutte pants? ....bah...

    Anyways, I digress...

    My droid x2 is mere minutes away (prolly hours as its in the hands of FedEx but meh) and the more that I switch my mood from researching which phone to researching which programming/add ons the more I start to find that my helmets gonna be too tight.

    This feeling of complete and utter loss are overwhelming me and as I sit here and type this, I do it with one hand (read the rest of the sentence before you go sticking your mind in the gutter) as I clutch tightly, lovingly (keep reading chuckles) onto my trusty, never let me down, easy to make happy (almost there) Samsung intensity II (do I get extra points for it being a "II" version? No?..hmmm). What have I gotten myself into?

    I forsee a future of me running my big dome into things as I will never be able to walk without looking at my phone (can you even call it a phone anymore?). Bandages and Tylenol, check. Ice packs frozen, check. Pillow attached to far wall in case of accidental launch of new phone, check. Joined this forum incase I can't figure out how to turn the stupid thing on. check.

    Anywho, thats my story. I'm waiting....still waiting...for my new addiction to show up..I think I'll call her "warden" cuz me thinks that I won't be able to do anything from now on without her permission. "Turn right in 100yrds" you say..."yes ma'am, right away warden, as you command" I shall proudly respond...

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    welcome to the forum, glad u joined us

    ALOHA from Hawaii
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    That was very entertaining. Welcome to the site!

    sent from my ApeX


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