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Thread: Hello and Thank You!

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    Talking Hello and Thank You!

    Hello out there! I stumbled upon this site a couple months back when I was doing some research on how to root my Droid 1 and came across MotoCache1's AWESOME thread on the subject. For various reasons I didn't end up rooting my phone at the time, but I bookmarked this site and have been coming back for info ever since. I decided it was finally time to register so I could post and say THANK YOU to all the members who post "how to's" and help answer any and all questions people have. I'd like to throw a special THANK YOU out to MotoCache1 for his Root Droid 1 post and to Furbearingmammal for his What to do post root post! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
    Alrighty then, now that my thank you's have been said, more about me. Well I currently have an original Motorola Droid that I mostly have as a back-up phone and a Droid 2 Global as my main phone now. My goals are to become an Android Dev (I'd really like to make games, but haven't settled on anything yet) and to just learn as much about Android as I can. I'd also (once I have the know-how ) like to help other members of this forum with any question and issues they have, and to post my own "how to's" at some point.
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    welcome to the forum! glad u joined the naughty side hahaha. im not sure on this but u can view this link if this may help u at all...good luck


    ALOHA from Hawaii


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