I'm new to the forum and forums in general.

I'm using an lg eve that I picked up 2nd hand to do some touchscreen app/platform development and futz with Android.

My experience to date, as I'm sure many can relate, has been painfully
horific. From un navigatbale links (too small) to unresponsive documents to long (ad full) waiting times. In short, all the worst the web can offer.

And so I join you, droiders, saying "let us tame this beast we call the mobile internet!"

Now, having said that, I'm looking to know how to post (PM) using the droidforums android app.
I don't know what the PM form is looking for as an "address".

Once I get that I'm looking for a forum on multiboot bootloader development
as I'd like to start 'tameing this beast' by selecting the OS (system image) of my choice.

Thanks for any help.