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Thread: Newbie

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    Hello all. I've had my droid for 2 months, been through some ups and downs already. I have always found great information here so I figured I should join.

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    Welcome.....Enjoy your stay...
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    Hey Sam, Welcome to DroidForums

    We are glad this place was helpful to you, and real happy that you decided to join up, We Hope You Keep finding the forums useful. It's Great to have you here !!!
    Where Ever you Go! There You Are !!
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    What Jim and B in B said : )

    I always like to hear when new members finally decide to join up and participate.


    By the way nice handle...the old Mopars are awesome.
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    Hey guys,

    Just my droid yesterday at the Verizon store. Came over from Blackberry Storm 9530. A few things that I'm not happy about right off the bat is I charged my battery all night, unplugged it at 6am, barely used it at all other than looking to see if I had any missed calls or texts, and by 4pm, my battery was at 30%! I had the brightness almost all the way down, but when I checked my battery usage 50% was "Display". My Blackberry Storm lasted a day and a half (after the 5.0 OS upgrade). Can anyone help me with this?

    Secondly, I cannot get Facebook notifications. I will get a gmail notification, I will get a Facebook notification from the Droid, but when I go into the app, it gives me an error message. I saw on another post that some others have had the same issue.

    I appreciate anyone who takes the time to respond.

    Other than those two issues, this phone is pretty cool and I look forward to using it but it's been a frustrating 24 hours.

    Thanks again.
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    I had the same issue with my phone with the battery running down too fast. I did some reading in the forum (there's a thread on letting apps run in the background) and got some ideas. The big one I did was to kill the GPS from running all the time. Unless you really need it for navigating, there isn't much sense in letting it run. Plus, in Maps, make sure you don't have Latitude running as that broadcasts your location all the time. After I did that my battery was still at 90% after letting it sit for close to 10 hours in my car. The other day I let it sit in my car while I was at work (we can't take cell phones into our work area) and it was dead after about 9 hours, hence the search for ideas on how to stop the battery drain.

    Hopefully that will help you - assuming GPS was running in the first place. As a newbie myself I know exactly how you feel.


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