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    New to Forum

    Hi all! Thanks to my wife in her never-ending pursuit of technological advancement, I am the proud (?) new owner of a Motorola Droid 2 Global thingie. Gone are the days of my old reliable Palm Centro that had a calendar that worked perfectly for ME, and the finite and limited volume of things you could do with the thing. Ahh, simplicity. Like fighting fires, my Palm Centro was simple and straightforward. This button to use the phone, this button to text, and this button to use the calendar and set up all kinds of colour co-ordinated/color coded activities. *sniff, sniff* So, I have found a calendar that kinda works for me (business calendar) and I have a pretty good grasp on the phone part and the text part. i have even figured out all on my own how to add new apps and even get on the internet using this computer disguised as a phone. So, as a newly retired guy, my wife has used the "It can help you with your train chasing hobby!" card. Just oplug it into your laptop and now you can have the internet all the time when you're out chasing them. Come to find out that Verizon charges extra for that little nugget. We really have NO beefs with Verizon - I actually have been way way WAY more than satisfied with them as a carrier. Anyway, I'll be off to the "Droid 2 Hack" forums to try to find answers to implied questions - only problem is I am so WAy behind the times, trying to understand the stuff involved with these mini-computers is a whole new language to me...

    Looking foreward to being a member of the community!

    Your friend,
    John Lardino
    Crystal Lake, IL
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    welcome to the forum! well like majority of ppl here, rooting is a common thing to do. u can wireless tether once rooted. I share my bluetooth/wifi between my laptop and my Xoom, so its a win win situation to root

    Aloha from Hawaii...


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