I have the brand new HTC INSPIRE w/Droid operating system. I love it. But, one of my email accounts is not operating correctly (I have 10 total set up on the phone and in outlook). I need help!!!!

This particular companies email that is not working is set up through google apps (google server based website and email).

email will either download to phone or download to Outlook 2007 but not both. Just one or the other.

I have two other gmail accounts not associated with google apps that operate just fine on this phone.

This is my biggest company and I must get this sorted out.

The mail stays on the google server and all settings are set to stay on the server but it still will only download to one place.

My old HTC phone did the same thing. But, I would view the email and next time it refreshed it would delete the email from the phone and stay on the server but not download to Outlook.

This new phone keeps message on phone and on server but won't download to Outlook.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled like 6 times with all different configurations and nothing works.

I would prefer to keep this through pop instead of imap as this is a very heavily used company and imap bogs me down with this company.