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Thread: Happy New Year - I'm losing my mind....

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    Happy New Year - I'm losing my mind....

    Hello All,

    I figured I would follow the forum's guidelines and introduce myself. My name is Chris and I live in New York on Long Island. I am a die-hard Mac user and love my iTouch. When my old cell finally died on Christmas, I was faced with needing a new phone. My personal desire was to get an iPhone, but Verizon does not offer the iPhone yet and I was not willing to move over to AT&T. I did a bit of research on the Droids and found that they would be a good substitute for me.

    I've got to say that in the 24-hours that I have had the Eris, it has driven me near mad. I know I have found the right place to get support and to find the light at the end of the tunnel, which will make me fall in love with this phone.

    I'm not going to compare the two, since it will do me no good, but I have got to say that when I first got my iPod Touch, there was no learning cure whatsoever and no need for me to open a manual. Everything was very intuitive. I honestly thought that the Eris would be the same - love at first use. Instead I have lost weight, got divorced, started drinking and have became bald in the process of trying to decipher the Eris. (Again - 24 hours!) HTC's website is absolutely of no use whatsoever. They should be ashamed that there is so much more additional information on the net to be gotten from end-users or retailers of their product. They've really dropped the ball on this one. Hey, if it was not for them, I may not have ever known about this group. (Thanks Google!)

    As a photographer, I am most excited to start using the camera and camcorder. I have my huge camera rigs, but have found so many cool phone shots on Flickr that I wanted to get involved. I haven't even taken off the protective film yet, as I am afraid that the lens might get scratched. I will have to get a case over the weekend since I did not like the one Verizon sent.

    That's about it. If you've read this far, I thank you. I am anxious to get involved and start contributing to the forum.

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    Ithink I've had my Droid since the week they came out I AM NO FUTHER ALONG THAN WHERE i STARTED
    Voice Seach amazing
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    Welcome, read through the forum's sections and find out all you can about the phone. I don't know a lot about the Eris except most people that have it seem to like it. The Droid and the Eris have things in common and some things that work on one doesn't work on the other.
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    I don't have a droid yet but i prefer a product that i'm constantly figuring out more stuff bout day by day. for some reason that just excites me


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