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Thread: Droid 2 and the questions that come with it!

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    Question Droid 2 and the questions that come with it!

    Hello all,

    I have a brand new bouncing baby Driod 2 actaully it was twins because I converted my wife from her BlackBerry to the droid as well.

    We have noticed there is a lot of Bloatware on them like Kindle etc..etc..and we were wondering is there a way to get that stuff off of them since we are old fashioned and like the pages of book (yeah we know retro).

    We are also looking to figuer out how to add ring tones to them as we had customized the old phones with private ring tones to know whos calling, you know Friend,Foe,Work, or worse MOTHER IN LAW!!!!!!!!

    So now I reach out to all of you who are wiser than I for help! I am a Padiwan at this so a Master Jedi is what I seek.

    Thanks in advance from R2 and 3PO (yeah we named em that) and their proud new parents.
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    Welcome to the Forum our little Padiwan. I am no Master Jedi but I can direct you to those that are in the know........ We have a subsection here that is dedicated to the Droid 2 and I am certain that the answers you seek will be found there. To get to the Droid 2 sections, click on the Forum tab at the top of this page then scroll down until you see the Droid 2 section.

    The one thing that i can answer for you is regarding bloatware. Unfortunately this is a common complaint with Verizon. For some reason they feel they know what we want on our phones and they push it to us whether we want it or not. The bad part is we cannot remove the bloatware without hacking into your phone (rooting your phone). But let me put a disclaimer here.......... Before you take any kind of leap with your new baby, please, please, please read up about your Droid and learn all you can about it first. Then read up on the rooting process. It is not for everyone but to my knowledge it is the only way to get rid of the bloatware.


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