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Thread: Lovin' my D2G

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    Smile Lovin' my D2G

    I am not a newbie to smartphones, having lived on my BlackBerry for two years. I did a lot of research (and drooling) before finally springing for the Droid 2 Global. I chose it for the hardware keyboard and the global bandwidth. (I'm praying for a trip to England soon. ) I also dropped an extra bit of cash for an extended battery (complete with a white battery door to match my white phone), the car dock, and the desktop dock. All worth the investment. (BTW, I had to make some adjustments to the car dock frame to make it so it would hold my D2G with its clear case, but it fits fine now.)

    Coming from a BlackBerry Curve 8330, it has taken some getting used to NOT being able to select text with a trackball. (Let's face it, selecting text on any phone sucks without a trackball/pad.) But I have found the screen and OS very responsive. And the available apps beat BB by a mile.

    MotoBlur? Well, on my phone it seems less obtrusive because I simply don't use all those Motorola widgets, opting instead for the stock Android or Market widgets--when I use them at all.

    My only quibble is the battery life. My BB could go for 2 days between charges, depending on my internet usage and talk time. I rarely had to hit a charger before bedtime. But left to its own devices, my Droid drops to 60% after 8 hours, and I haven't dared to let it go overnight without a charge. I keep my widgets to a minimum, and Battery Saver is on "nighttime" mode. But you know what? Considering that this little handheld computer has more power than just about every desktop computer I've ever owned, I am willing to deal with the slightly lower battery life.

    In general, quite happy with my Droid--and happy to have a smartphone that is NOT married to Apple.
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    welcome to the forum, great intro. former BB user too, original Storm. loved it but would never go back. unfortunately battery life, regardless which phone doesn't give as much life like BB does. still I've been able to adjust my settings and I use juice defender to help a bit more. on a moderate usage, I can get between 15-22 hours before charging.
    good luck and enjoy the excitement....btw tell the queen I said HI. hahaha jk

    Aloha from Hawaii
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    Welcome to the forum. We also have a subsection dedicated to the Droid 2 that you may find interesting. To get there click on the Forum tab at the top of this page then scroll down until you see the Droid 2 section. Glad to have you with us.


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