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Thread: This forum and the Droid ROCKS!

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    Thumbs up This forum and the Droid ROCKS!

    Hello all.
    My name is Dave and I just joined here for help and man did I get it! I started the "Noob needs help" thread in general Droid disscussions and everyone was very hepfull-THANKS!
    A little bit about me: I have been waiting 5 years to upgrade my phone from a Samsung AS30? and got the Droid for X-Mas from my wonderfull wife. I was not expecting it and wasnt too sure that I wanted it really. From my experience from being an Auto Tech for 25+ years, I know that the first models of anything has problems and was thinking I should wait for Droid 2 or and iPhone from Verizon. So far I just love the Droid and hope that I am wrong about my first model assumptions.
    I am on a steep learning curve with this "smart" phone as I am not as smart as it. I know this forum and it's great members will continue to help me as I need it. A great wealth of info here and I promise to search the forum as much as I can before starting new threads .
    I have had my own forum before for RC vehicles so I am a little forum savy.
    I enjoy my Savage RC monster truck and take it to Glamis when I go quading and sand duneing with my friends killer buggy.
    Im also into golf and car modifications, racing in the Super Clean Modified Racing Series here in So Cal, I go to The Long Beach Grand Prix every year since 1982 and looking forward to going to The Indy 500 for the first time this(next year), watching F1 and almost any racing series, not too much into NAPCAR.
    If I can help any forum members with anything auto repair/modification or RC vehicle related questions please feel free to ask. I would like to pay back the help I have gotten and will continue to get here in any way that I can.

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    Welcome, I hope the hardware issues have been weeded out. Anything else can be taken care of by updates and new apps.
    Start a thread in Off Topic section about cars, RC cars or whatever and see the response. Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Welcome dave, this forum is amazing everyone is helpful hope you stick around to give your two cents on things as you get familiar with the phone.


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