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Thread: old new member thread

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    old new member thread

    hey whats up, i've been using this site for over a year, but haven't posted, so... my history when bought my first d1 19 monthes ago and i was happy with it then it got slow so i looked around and this site was the best for rooting and rom info, and suddenly i found myself trying a new rom every couple days, bricked my phone a few times but always found a fix here, anyway i dropped my d1 called for my insurance phone and now i have the d2, not as many options in the rom section but itll hold me over till my new every 2 comes up then 'll move to the bionic or if verizon doesnt fix there iphone lag, maybe att's atrix. i've never used linux before but after a year of the droid ikm still lost but i'm not scared of scripts, command lines and find the basic operation of the android pretty self explainatory, but i have zero programing experience, and i do wish to learn, my wife and kids take a large amount of my time.
    my background in 34. been in the computer field for 18 years first pc was a ti994A that i tought my parents how to use at 9 years old then a ibm 286dx that tought my parents how to use. at 12, im currently the head network analyst for a large it outsourcing company in valencia, ranging anywhere from internet and domain server administration to desktop support, and sometimes brainstorming on the difficulties of keeping construction project managers connected to the main office, since there is usually is not data feeds where they are building. myh user name refers to solid state logic, in case anyone really is curous
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    welcome to the forum, love the introduction.

    Aloha from Hawaii
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    to the forum.


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