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Thread: Looking towards a droid device

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    Looking towards a droid device

    I am a current iPhone 3gs user. I do like this phone but for my current geographic location absolutely despise at&t, dropped calls and all the usual complaints. I am currently contract free and would like to switch to vzw. I like my iphone and have no complaints about the phone itself. I realize that verizon is now coming out with the iphone but at this point in time I can't honestly say that I am leaning towards the device. I am trying to do my homework to make a good decision when I finally drop the hammer and move over to big red. There are certain things that I love about my iphone, syncs with my itunes for one which has all of my music of course. I use mac products at home and am able to access my itunes library from my iphone and control which music is played in which room of the house that is connected to my itunes wirelessly like a remote. This is very convenient for me. Not sure if anyone has ever been able to sync music from itunes with a droid or if there is any kind of app to work around this. This is not a deal breaker for me but is something I've grown accustomed to and enjoy. Thank you in advance for all your responses and advice I truly appreciate it. Any recommended reading you may have to become familiar with droid devices would also be appreciated. I am in no hurry to move but would like to switch sometime within the next 3-4 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalejunior View Post
    I am in no hurry to move but would like to switch sometime within the next 3-4 months.
    Welcome DaleJunior!

    If you have a few months, I would just continue to peruse the excellent News sections here for updates on all the upcoming VZW devices first half of 2011, many of these upcoming smartphones already have their own dedicated sections as well.

    Methinks you need a new flagship Droid !!


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