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Thread: Figure I'd finally register

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    Figure I'd finally register

    Hey everyone. I'm Nathan and finally decided to register.

    I've been using these forums ever since I got my first droid 7-8 months ago. So far, using the search function I haven't had to bother anyone asking noob questions, but I've learned just enough about the phone that I can start answering some of the stupider questions leaving you guys free to do the hard work!

    Anyhow, keep up the good coding, a lot of us appreciate it.

    Right now, I have 4 D1s on a verizon contract, and they are about to upgrade one of them (my Wifes) to a droid Pro (her choice not mine).

    I haven't done my research yet on these guys...hope there's some good stuff out there for it.
    D1 running SS5.6 Chevyno1 is the best! Still have a droid 1? Then try it for yourself [Rom] SS 5.4 GB - 2.3.4 - 5/31/11 (5.6 is out, I need to link it)

    Phones I have rooted
    6 x D1
    3 x Fascinate
    5 x Dx
    3 x D2
    2 x D2G
    3 x Thunderbolt
    1 x Samsung Charge

    So far, Verizon hasn't said anything about the three droids I bricked before sending them back...

    View The Ulimate Droid2 Guide

    Got a Verizon Samsung Fascinate? Best walkthrough I have seen
    Screwed up your fascinate? Try this
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    welcome. just like me, im just here to read the great info these ppl give. im currently looking into getting another Droid 2 for my daughter but we just renewed her contract.
    checking out craigslist and ebay. anyway, love the android system, love the D2G I have and would never go back to BB.

    Aloha from Hawaii ... Droid 2 Global
  4. Droid Ninja
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    Droid 2
    to the community and glad you registered. I'm with the princess this one i would never go back to BB. Congrats on having FOUR of the most programmer friendly phones ever to come out besides the Nexus line of phones in my own oppinion. Feel free to ask questions and help out when you can
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    The Droid Pro is a nice device, it won me over once I had one in hand to try out. (I still own a D1 however )

    Glad to see ya finally register! Feel free to join in the community.... but don't give up using that search feature!

    Enjoy! See ya around the forums.


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