I am in India having an Italian version Milestone 2.0 which is officially updated to 2.1 and then to 2.2.1.I want to root it with Superone click and install custom gingerbread Rom.Which ROM is best suited to my phone considering better battery usage and speed - Cynogen Mod7 7.1.0-RCO-11.05.03 or Cynogen Mod7 7.1.0-RC7-11.05.27 or Cronos Ginger 1.4.0 or ARGEN2STONE 1.9?If there is a more suitable one than those I mentioned I am ready to accept it.So will anybody please suggest one and give me the step by step specific instructions to root my phone and to download and install the suggested ROM.I am requesting the specific instructions because I am not a technical expert in this field.Waiting for your help with thanks in advance,