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Thread: can motodroid be more phone use friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by debkasdan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Takami826 View Post
    I just made direct dial shortcuts on my home screen for the people I give a rat's butt to actually speak with (well what I consider one of the secondary home screens so I don't randomly dial people all willy nilly) ... the others I just dial from my contacts if I really have to talk to them.
    I also use shortcuts on my homescreen to the numbers I call most. And I also have shortcuts to those same three people for texting them. Only problem is: the icon to phone number and text message (their pics) are the same so I have to remember the placement (phone is top row, texting is next row). It wold be nice if there were some kind of indication (like H for home number and M for mobile on the voice icons) to distinguish texting shortcut from voice shortcut.
    if you add the CONTACT shortcut instead of the direct dial shortcut you tap their face and ALL their numbers pop up and you can choose to text or direct dial any of them

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    why did I lose this call when screen seemed locked?

    I took a call on Droid. Screen grayed out so I assume it was locked. After 30 secs, phone happened to touch my cheek. A recording that sounded like my voice mail came on asking me for a password and I lost my call. Flipped screen on and saw "manage messages" with 2 diverging arrows, but was unable to retrieve my call? I do not even have a voice mail button on my home screen.... can't figure out why it interrupted in-progress call. I do have Screebl, but it is disable during phone use, and the screen did seem to lock. Any ideas/solutions welcome.
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    I agree - Droid isn't phone use firendly

    I've had my droid for 2 weeks and have had smartphones since an IPAQ in 2001. I agree with many of the posters that smartphones/pda phones are not designed to be as 'phone use friendly' as a standard flip phone. The Droid is different from every other smartphone I've ever used because it doesn't have hard buttons to send and end calls.

    The steps I expect to have to make to place a call are 1. unlock 2. open dialer app 3. dial number 4. hit send. Every other phone I've used allowed me to hit the send button to bring up the dialer after unlocking.

    This process on Droid works as expected EXCEPT there is no hardware button to bring up the dialer app. So, I have to keep an icon on my desktop for the dialer app. That's no problem unless all my desktop icons disappear like they did today and have one other time previously. This is why a hard button should be mapped to the dialer which it sounds like can be done with the camera button using the app recommended above.

    My biggest gripe is the experience when trying to end a speakerphone call. I frequently make calls in speakerphone mode. On every smartphone I've ever had, calls could be ended by pressing the END button on the phone. There was no process to press that button. On Droid, I have to wake up the phone and possibly unlock it, then access the dialer app, then press end.

    Aside from that, I think Droid is a great device.
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