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Thread: how to open HTML email attachments?

  1. Droid
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    how to open HTML email attachments?

    hey all, I get a lot of business quotes that are sent as HTML attachments

    the droid cannot open these for some reason..... it just says

    "this attachment cannot be displayed"

    any ideas?
  2. Junior Droid
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    Nov 2009

    cant open .html or .eml or .wmv

    any luck getting this to work. the phone comes with an HTML viewer app. Its how it opens .txt attachments. Not sure why it will not open .htm or .html attachments
  3. Junior Droid
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    Can anyone help with this? I have the same problem.
  4. Senior Droid
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    Let's add .htm attachments to the list. I get anywhere from 10 to 40 a day that have these attachments and I haven't found a way to open these on the road either.
  5. Droid
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    *.mht would also be great to be able to open (another form of html)
  6. Droid Newbie
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    Does no one have an answer to this?

    I bought my Droid on day one. I've not been able to open an .rtf or .html or many other email attachments with this thing.

    I've also not been able to forward emails without them getting sent as .eml file types, which almost every corporate firewall blocks.

    I've asked and asked and searched and searched and can not find an answer. I've been waiting paitiently for 3.5 months for Google to fix the OS (concerning the .eml forwarding issue) but NOTHING.

    Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about these issues? Thanks!

  7. Droid Newbie
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    I know it has been a while since this post was visited but I found this in the top results while searching for the same answer. So now that I have an answer I am sharing it with you.

    I know there is an HTML viewer that will let you view an HTML file and you can use astro or any file browser that will allow that.

    But to "run" an HTML file in the actual browser here is what I do.

    I save it to my sd card (in my case I wanted a piece of code from a page without having to load the entire page so I created my own .html file)

    open your browser and type this in the address bar


    Works like a charm for me.
    I hope this helps somebody.
  8. Droid Newbie
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    Dec 2010
    HTC Desire
    I've semi-solved the problem (opening .mht files).

    You need Opera Mobile and just do the above-mentioned trick. Opera renders opened .mht files correctly as opposed to Dolphin HD.

    Enter into Opera Mobile's address bar:

    Now we have a way of opening the (.mht) files in a browser. All we need is to make it a default action when selecting from a file explorer. Unfortunately I know little about how Android handles file associations. If anyone knows more... please respond or point in the right direction and we can hopefully bring this sad issue to an end.

    related post on AndroidForums.com
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