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The phones are not bricked, the software can be flashed at your local corporate verizon location using Motorola RSD tool. Wipes your device clean, but saves the time of waiting for replacement. Remember, if you are calling or going to an indirect store, they most likely will have no way of recovering your device, but I know, for an absolute fact, that corporate stores can do it, trust me ;-) Unfortunately, some reps are too lazy or too afraid to do the process.

This may be true, because I went back to the Verizon store to complain that my replacement has not been received in 2 days when it was supposed to be overnight, and then the guy wanted to see my phone, and he fixed it in 5-10 minutes. Just depends on if you get an incompetent boob of an employee or not. I am currently on build number FRG01B, so I still have another update to get so I can play flash correct?