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A good start to see where were at is post some things. Press the menu button then select settings, then choose about phone. Scroll all the way down and post what it says under build #, kernel and firmware. And one last thing go into apps drawer and see of you have super user app that looks like a little ninja.
You got a really sweet phone and you came to the right place. This site is awesome for noobies and offers great friendly knowledge.
Yea I have that ninja lookin app. It doesn't do anything when I open it though.

My firmware is 2.0.1 and under model number/kernel ect... it says AdamZ Enhanced.

Oh and ps: this is really laggy when typing on the internet.
That will be fixed once you get that 2.0.1 junk off of there. Its probably using the Milestone browser which has notorious issues with typing on the net.