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Thread: PC world says Droid flash support less than Nexus One?

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    PC world says Droid flash support less than Nexus One?

    My contract with Sprint is going to end and a few days and was thinking of going to Verizon to get the Droid. The article over at PC World gave me pause. Mainly the part where they mentioned that the list of flash apps supported on the Droid was far less than the N1. I know 2.2 isn't out yet, but I'd hate to be left out. You guys think that will change before 2.2 comes out? I'll probably go with the Droid anyway, since no other phone really appeals to me like the Droid does. I'd just like to know what you think.

    First Look: Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Flash Player 10.1 - PCWorld


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    That list is just a link to recommended sites; it doesn't mean the site won't run. Either the site simply hasn't been tested on the Moto Droid yet, OR the stock 550MHz CPU isn't enough to handle it (after all, Flash IS notoriously CPU intensive) - I suspect those of us OCed to 800+ MHz will have no problems.

    If it's FULL Flash 10.1 support, the basic feature set should remain constant across device models, and even platforms.
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    +1 to what Dave said. Really, the 1ghz snapdragon is not that much faster / more powerful than the droid's Cortex processor. A Droid OC'd to 800MHz scores roughly equal to a stock speed Incredible in linpack testing. So really, anything that the Incredible can handle can be made to work pretty easily on the Droid as well.
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    Yeah, I agree with Dave as well. Using an overclocked ROM easily brings the Droid on par with the faster machines, and the screen on it is much better quality then any of the rest.
    Hey, people said that an iPhone would never run Android, and i know people have ported it to both the 2g and 3g
    That, and I've seen videos of Windows 3.11, 95, and NT running on a Droid... So I'd take a list like that with a grain of salt
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    Thanks for the info guys, it's good to hear thoughts from people who already have the Droid. I kind of figured the Droid would be fine, but it helps put my mind a ease to hear it from more experienced users. Now I just have to hang on until Monday when my contract with Sprint is done.


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