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Thread: phone call problems

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    phone call problems

    Hey guys. Pretty new here to the forum. This is a great place. A problem I am having is almost every phone call I receive the person calling me can't hear me for several seconds. I answer the phone and I say "hello" and the person keeps asking if I'm there. I hear them just fine but my callers can't hear me. They either say I sound like I'm really far away from the phone or is just open air and can't hear anything. Usually after 4 or 5 times of going back and forth with "hello" or "are you there" we can finally have a conversation. Now I know it sounds obvious that maybe I have something wrong with my phone however, this is my second droid and both of them have done it. Also my buddy has a droid and he has the same exact problem. My wife has a verizon phone that isn't a droid and her phone is fine so I don't think its a problem with the verizon tower. So...... any suggestions? Thanks guys. Oh and in case it matters my phone and my buddys phone is stock. No rooting or anything else.
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    I have also noticed the delay but it is more of the 0.5 to 1 second time frame, usually means I need to answer with two "hello's" and the second one sticks. I have just gotten used to it. Strange thing about this issue is that when I use a bluetooth hands-free or Sync in the car it works without delay. Like I said, I just learned to live with it and don't even think about it anymore...have had the phone since November 2009.
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