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I have a similiar problem. I had been able to still get the phone to charge until now; it will not work at all. The Verizon store is totally useless, they just want to sell me another phone, had no suggestions or options even though this phone should still be covered by warranty (I did not get the insurance). They say it is my fault, however, I see this problem posted on both this forum and the Motorola forum, I have not used this phone any differently than the numerous other phones I have used is the past. I am very dissapointed in this Motorola product and Verizon. I feel this is a design flaw in the phone and expect there will be more of these posts from very unhappy Droid purchasers.
refer to the post above this one if you use to car dock and charger take it all in with you to the store and show them how their dock f***ed up your phone I have had mine replaced for this same issue after explaining exactly how it happens