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Thread: Droid for Tech-Challenged Dad?

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    This is a very interesting thread. I've had my droid about a 6 weeks. It was my first smartphone purchase. I am a quite technically able 40-something Mom! I had NO IDEA what I was getting into when I got this phone. I keep saying it's way more than a phone...it's a miniature computer. I spend nearly every evening tinkering with the thing. I love it, love learning about it, and how I can better optimize it for ME. Comes naturally as I maintain both home computers we use, as well as all the other digital gadgets.

    That said, I'm trying to convince my not-so-technically savvy husband to get a smartphone (here's the relation to the OP's inquiry). While I do think my husband could eventually master the droid, especially since I now know a lot about it, he would have to spend a significant amount of time becoming familiar with it. If not I think he would be disappointed. However, I bet he would really want a physical keyboard and not just a touch one. So, where we are now with this is waiting...he's not in a hurry, and I'd like to see if other android phones come out with keyboards on Verizon network.
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    I realize this thread and this post specifically is ~4 months old, but in response to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by brenj888 View Post
    Well!! Taking the liberty of talking for all tech challenged old people, I must say the Droid is wonderful!! I just got mine this morning. I have never had a smart phone before, and I was worried about figuring it out. OK....I was worried when I saw the skinny little multi fold rather than an actual manual. JUst by looking on this forum and googling my problems, I have figured out tons of stuff. Just having a regular stupid phone helps a person understand the intuitive steps.
    I must say, brenj888, if you can think you Google your problems, you're already doing better than my parents! I'm a sophomore in college right now, and I can't bear to think of the tech difficulties my parents will have to endure once I graduate and move away. My dad was the one who introduced me to Google years and years ago, but I don't think the man has used it since! And don't get me started on my dear, sweet mother... lol.

    The Droid is definitely not for everybody, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just like how the iPhone isn't for everyone, and that's not necessarily a bad thing either. The "walled garden" app store keeps things running a little bit smoother and safer to a certain degree, and the iPhone "just works" like many people want and need. Then there are those of us who are a little more adventurous, or just plain don't like a phone that is locked down. That's where the Droid comes into play. That's not to say that it can't operate as a simple smart phone as well, but when you want to hack it and mod and it and make it unlike anyone else's, you can go right ahead and do that, unlike the iPhone. But, again, for some people, the simplicity of the iPhone is exactly what they want and need.

    Different phones for different people. It's all about finding what you yourself want and need.
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