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Thread: some general questions after a week

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    some general questions after a week

    1. why are tons of apps always running. I use advanced task killer and I'll kill everything and within a short time all sorts of apps will start filling in even though they're not launched. what's going on?

    2. How do you switch back and forth between running apps the easiest. If it's multitasking is there a task manager built in, or do I have to go to my task killer? and 'switch to'

    3. I'd like to have photo's of some contacts on my home page to quick dial. What's the best way to do this?

    4.Can I have different wall paper on each home screen?

    5. Like to be able to take notes when on a call....what's the best way? and easily stay in call.

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    1. its best to leave them running as it doesn't make the phone run slow. Unless its like a gps type app. but they don't use memory, and its actually bad to kill them off. the phone kills off what it doesn't need.

    3. I just loaded/took pictures of the people and added it to their contact file. Then all you have to do is long press on the home screen and go to shortcuts and then direct dial and there you go. I don't use facebook, but i believe if you sync up the contacts you can get their pictures like that also.
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    An answer to 2: Long press the home key. You'll get a task switching list with 6 recently used apps.


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