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Thread: Quick fix for the loose battery door.

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    there is a easy fix on youtube of people taking off the battery cover and taking something and slightly bending up the silver piece that holds your sd card in place (i mean SLIGHTLY) and by doing this it makes it grab better (if you look the slot it holds onto is on this just bend it up there its in the center & thats how it locks on in the first place) sure if you look you can find the video pretty easily
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    Tried it myself and the cover now fits on perfectly. I actually have to put some muscle into it to get it to open :P
  3. Droid Newbie
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    quick and easy fix. works perfectly

    I just used a pair of pliers to bend each of the four prongs down so that when you slide it on it hold tighter. Mine clicked very tightly into place and now works perfectly. I just used some needle nose pliers and and squeezed very slowly until i noticed a slight movement on each of the prongs. fixed in 10 seconds.
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    Wink Better battery cover fix

    There is a thin , soft piece of plastic glued to the inside of the cover. It is supposed to create a little tension to help hold the cover on by pulling a bit on the four hooks. I solved my loose cover problem by taping a small piece of paper over that plastic piece, thus making it a little thicker and creating a bit more tension on the hooks. A post-it note folded in four works great.

    Now the cover slides off only if I really try and never spontaneously!
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    Quote Originally Posted by garrett View Post
    mine is perfectly fine but a buddys was soo loose he could actually shake the phone in his hand to make it fall off.

    so the solution i did was i took his battery out then cut a buisness card to fit under the battery causing it to slightly raise the battery up and push up on the cover.

    now his battery cover is really snug and actually takes a decent amount of effort to get off.

    i was going to post pics but i think this is simple enough for people to figure out.

    hope this helps those complaining about the loose/easy to get off door.
    It's like the pack of matches under the leg of a table LOL hehehehehehehehe
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