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Thread: Start the droid 5 page :)

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    droid,doird 2,3,4....5?

    Start the droid 5 page :)

    I just got off the phone with Verizon.My droid 4 is almost ready to bite the dirt. Yes I confess I am a True blue Qwerty keyboard addict.. I was readying myself to do the unthinkable...
    To confirm:
    this is information from a Verizon representative who was very convincing that this is real and was so convinced this was real he steered me away from my planned purchase alternative (which was the Galaxy s4 and blue tooth slider keyboard)..

    While discussing the current options and looking at the possibility's of the blue tooth keyboard add-on possibility the rep let it drop...

    The Droid 5 Motorola is real!!
    It is looking to make a release threw Verizon by the end of this fall, and if the stats quoted to me are correct it could be a very very nice piece of hardware unlike the mid-range rumors circulating on the web....1080p, large screen,rear and front cams,only 16g internal but does have removable sd, static charging ability and best of all....qwerty keyboard.....

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    I really hope he's right!
  3. Droid
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    Please let it true, please let it be true. (clicking heels and turning round each time)
    I am sick of waiting and hoping and praying someone would come out with a decent qwerty phone. Soon too cuz my D3 dino is showing signs of imminent death and I hate virtual boards.

    Sent from somewhere down the rabbit hole.
    madness takes its toll
    please have exact change

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    I do hope its true for those who desire a keyboard for their phones, but the source isn't really credible. Verizon reps usually aren't too reliable when it comes to release information and Verizon does not tell them about it (or so they say). My guess is that the rep is a person who is interested in Android phones and just read a buncha rumors on the internet.

    Me personally, I don't believe it. The D5 would've been out a long time ago if it were true. There are some "leaks" out there that have shown a possible D5, but those have been around for months, heck over a year already. Remember the D4 was released in early of 2012. If the D5 were to come it should've made its appearance last year, despite the fact that Moto was going through a complete change.

    Just my .02
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