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Thread: My Droid 1 Screen Won't Turn On.

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    My Droid 1 Screen Won't Turn On.

    I recently bought this phone (Used) and had it flashed to Cricket Wireless, uploaded Chevy's SS ROM. My buddy accidentally dropped it off of his bed and now the screen won't turn on. I don't have a warranty, there's also no Water damage. And it fell from his bed to carpet. The screen stays completely black, the buttons below light up, I can swipe the blank screen and feel it unlock but it's still completely black. I've tried removing the battery multiple times, but no luck. I've also tried loading the Boot Menu, and nothing happens...
    I have another Droid that I can use for parts, the screen on that one shattered when I fell on it skating..

    Any advice would be much appreciated...I don't have money to buy another phone so I'm seriously willing to try anything to revive my screen.
    Thank you.
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    Can you see the screen display at all?? Same issue happened to my old droid and I was able to get to recovery to do a factory reset..upon going up and down in the menu..the screen came back on. I needed a lot of light to be able to see the screen. Good luck
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    I know this will sound messed up, but I had an issue one day where my screen wouldn't respond when the phone had slid off my desk and dropped into the floor maybe 3ft. Usually nothing big for the OG! But the buttons light up when pressing unlock but no screen. I was able to reset it with battery pull and when it restarted only half of the motorola icon lit up the other have was messed up. In a furious rage, being upset that a 3ft wimpy fall was going to kill my OG, I decided to knock some sense into it by whacking the opposite side of the device than the side that hit the floor against the concrete wall at work, and BAM! wouldn't you know know it the screen started working again and no problems since then. So I figure there might be a ribbon connector of some sort that finally got jared loose and I was magicaly able to put it back into place with a few agressive love taps. This might be your problem or might not but give it a try before assuming its dead!
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    That's crazy bro.

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    Dropped mine one time taking the trash out all I did was plugged it in to the charger and just left it alone didn't touch or turn on anything and low and behold(about 3hrs later) screen on, all systems check, a okay.

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