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Thread: Email question for the braintrust

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    Email question for the braintrust

    Ok fellow Droiders! Email question for you guys. Currently I have 4 email accounts (1 gmail and 3 have POP3 access). I have the 3 with POP3 access being checked by gmail for me. Am I better to have it check the POP3 accounts through gmail, or should I set the POP3 accounts up through the 'email' option on the droid and have it go do a pull every 10 minutes. It seems that Gmail only checks the POP3 accounts about once an hour or so, and there is no way to change it. I would think I would get email quicker if I had it pull from the POP3 accounts every 10 minutes.


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    see my email question

    I would suggest that you try the client that ships with the phone, but I don't particularly like it. It erases the messages from the droid once they are removed from your email server.

    (You can set the Droid to erase them from the server and I didn't do that because I like to log in from my desktop at home and save important email to my hard drive.)

    But I would like the recent messages to stay in the Droid after I download them with my desktop. Each time the desktop Outlook downloads my mail from Road Runner I have it set to erase the messages from the Road Runner server.

    But when I access the mail from the Droid, it in some cases would be nice to have it for future reference the way the iPhone and iPod touch save messages up to a set number.

    Anyway, the only way you can figure it out is by trying the different combinations. I am considering trying other email clients for the Droid if it isn't modified to let me save some of the email. (If I am wrong and there is a way to save messages to a folder other than Trash I would like to learn that method.)

    I asked for help with the email client earlier today in this forum.
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