I'm having trouble, looking for some help. Anyone tried this process?

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Taking a screen shot, I've got everything installed but whenever I launch "ddms.bat", a window pops up and disappears.

When you first connect the Motorola Droid, windows will prompt for you to install a driver. If you don't see that prompt, go to your control panel -> system -> Hardware Devices. Find the one with the "?" icon and point the driver update to where you extract the droid_usb_driver to (this will work on other Android devices

On your Motorola Droid, go to settings -> application -> development and check "USB Debugging"

Extract the Android SDK

Extract and install Java SE Development Kit

Go to the Android SDK folder and go to sub folder "tools"

Launch "ddms.bat" <----I'm here, I open this, a window pops up and then quickly disappears