Does anyone know the "official" status of connecting to Exchange using the stock email app on 2.2?

Here's my situation:

Droid 1, purchased the day it launched.
Used stock email app to connect to my work Exchange
Got a 2.2 OTA update - stock app STILL worked.

I'm currently rooted running MIUI, but I can't get the stock email app to connect.
I found that a stock 2.1 (on a "Blaze" phone) will connect to my exchange server.
I found that a stock 2.2 OG Droid will not connect either which tells me that there's something with 2.2

Touchdown works fine, but I don't want to spend $20 for something I had for free. (Ridiculous)

Researching the board, it looks like there are a variety of opinions/answers, including Verizon blocking the functionality to make you spend $44 per month for "corporate email".

Others have a posted a different APK, which I pushed to my phone and still no dice.

Is there a setting on my Exchange server that I can make? Anyone experience a similar issue?