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Thread: battery life?

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    battery life?

    i want this phone but i need to know how the battery life is on it first. i am in school for seven hours a day, it is on standby in my pocket and i do not use anything on it. how much of a percentage do you think i will have by the end of the day?
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    If you start with a full charge and don't use the phone at all during the day you should have close to a full charge left after 7 hours. Over the 2 years I've owned an X2 I've learned how to tweak the phone to extend battery life. I've found that most of this phone's built in functions work best for me (vs. market apps) for prolonging my battery charge. Open your task manager and move obvious apps that you dont want or need to use to the auto-end list. If you find something malfunctions then you can reverse that choice. Disable your wi-fi if you won't be using it. I have to say I am not a techie, but I've learned enough about this phone so that I'm not even considering an immediate upgrade when I come off contract in February. It really does the job for me, and I have almost 100 apps downloaded, not including the stuff that came with the phone.
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    Also. You can buy a extended battery for the X2. I bought mine on Amazon for $14 and it's an 1800mAh battery. It will last you all day with moderate to heavy use all day no problem. I highly recommend buying one. The battery that comes with is very good as well. But I use my phone pretty heavily.
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    Might want to consider rooting it and installing a ROM. If you want full functionality then I'd say go with CM7 (2.3.4) or Eclipse (2.3.5) It removes all of the bloatware that comes with the phone and it's tweaked by the developers for better performance/battery life.

    I loved my X2... It was a great phone for me at the time. I still use it to this day to flash ROMs or just play around with.

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