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Thread: Eclipse 1.2 draining battery like crazy

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    Eclipse 1.2 draining battery like crazy

    I installed the Eclipse 1.2 ROM on my rooted 2.3.4 GB (SBFed). It installed fine, but the battery drains very very quickly. I deleted the battery stats, but that didn't help. My phone drained battery from ~50-60% to 0% while listening to music for about 1 hour. It then totally powered off my phone and the only way to power back on was to charge the battery. So, it is not just wrong reporting by the phone, seems like the battery is really draining fast. I like this ROM and I want to keep it permanently, but I can not at the rate at which the battery is draining...

    Is there some way to fix this? Not all people seem to be complaining about poor battery so, what am I doing wrong and what should I do to correct this battery drain issue?

    The other ROM I tried was Molten 1.1 Fixed. But that ROM does not have support for Corporate Sync which I need! And I don't want to try liberty as some people said that it too has the battery drain issue like Eclipse.

    Please help!
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    You just flashed a new ROM, the phone needs time to recalibrate the battery. Eclipse is known for increasing battery life but not when you first install it. Give it a little bit of time and you will be good to go. Also try using SetCPU profiles, they work wonders.

    SBF'd (sent blazingly fast) from my Hulkified X2
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    Yea, i had similar problems, battery dropped like a stone - doing nothing at all - literally the battery would go completely dead in less than 4 hours in the middle of the night while i was sleeping.
    i had to play with a bunch of stuff to finally get it where it should be, and i can't tell you exactly what the fix was, but it was something like:
    i used System Panel and task manager to look at what was running, vrs. what needed to be running
    many apps were running that just didn't need to be so i froze or just deleted them - (Light Flow, Email, App Brain, Amazon Market were hogs as i recall)
    used the night time battery saver
    stopped using the stock Email app, and switched over to Gmail app - that seemed to help a little - Froze the stock email app
    each time i made major changes as far as deleting or freezing apps, i did a battery calibration
    I can get 24 hours + with normal "minimal" usage now
    but it took a while to figure out
    and it definitely had something to do with Eclipse, because off of the stock 2.3.4 sbf - battery life was awesome without having to change a thing.
    But Eclipse totally rocks, and it was well worth the effort to tweak the ROM to get the battery right
    And yes for whatever reason it seems like the battery life appears to improve over time, the first few days almost had me in a panic tho...
    But my experience with battery issues is, there is usually not a single good answer - each phone is different, using different apps for different purposes
    you are just going to have to look at what is running - if you have a few apps that seem to be running all the time
    if you don't absolutely need them, freeze them or delete them
    try to find an alternative
    it takes time for the changes to work themselves out,
    when i first started i froze or deleted like 20 things, and it ended up being only a few apps that were really killing the battery


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