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Thread: X2 reboots when fully charged on the cradle

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    X2 reboots when fully charged on the cradle

    So this just started happening yesterday after I upgraded to the pre-rooted Gingerbread from P3Droid. Whenever the phone is on the multimedia cradle and charging when it reaches a full charge it automatically reboots.

    I will say I "believe" it's when it reaches a full charge because this is the only seemingly logical event that could trigger something like that.

    Has anyone had this problem or found a fix?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like a bug to me. I would go back to stock to see if it still happens.
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    This happened to me tonight! I downloaded the update this AM, and dropped the phone into the cradle when I got home tonight, and cheered when there were no incessant beeps every 3 minutes. All of a sudden, the phone rebooted. It may we'll have been when the charge completed; it's hard to tell.

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