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Okay, I have owned nearly every droid (except LG Revolution and Charge) that has come to Verizon for some time, and I have to admit that I believe the DX2 is the worst of the bunch. After coming from a Droid X1 I have noticed the froyo built from motorola or/and the Tegra 2 setup is a cause of the phone being sluggish with a lag time that is overall frustrating.

Another gimmick motorola tried to fool the public with is the so called, "upgraded qHD screen" or better yet PenTile screen. The screen is a deal breaker, by far this is the worst screen I have seen on an android device, and if this is what I will be getting from a droid bionic, I'm done with Motorola. If motorola wants to save on cost, and give us a preceived bigger resolouion and brighter display that can't display colors correctly that leaves the screen with a grainy image that looks like a upgraded Etch A Sketch i'm done, by by Moto hello nexus prime, hello GS2.

And last I didn't think it was an issue, but where did the camera button go?
Is the DX1 better than the DX2?

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Screen looks fine to me, especially after I tweaked the lcd density down to 200.

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