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Thread: Well Im new and lost!

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    Well Im new and lost!

    Okay, first off I have read through the stickies and some threads to try to get an idea of whats going on, but Im lost.....

    I was a long time blackberry user but finally switched to the droid and loved it! Got the droid pro (i need the keyboard) and instantly loved it.

    Until today, when 2.3.3 was dl and installed - I absolutely cannot stand the blue "theme" and I want it back the way it was.....

    But after reading and reading I realize its probably best to root and do all the other crap. But this stuff is basically a foreign language and I have no idea what anyones talking about.

    So if someone could please help out - I dont expect detailed instructions (I will google each set up instructions), maybe something like:

    1 - backup (brief how?)
    2 - root (best way?)
    3 - next
    4 - next......

    I really have no idea what Im doing, and everyone uses droid code which makes it even more confusing I have some concept as to what to do. I have played with my phone a lot, use go launcher, keep my phone clean, etc.

    Also can I do this on a mac? I have both but pc is desktop.


    edit: This does not help new/inexperienced people (taken from another thread): Well the only way to go back is by sbf.
    You'd need to install rsd lite and download the froyo sbf (2.2.6)
    Then with rsd lite you can flash the sbf.
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    I'm almost inclined to take offense. It helps more then "google it".

    But allow me to try again.
    There is a sticky right at the top of this board with various links.
    Its the resources thread.
    At the bottom of its first post are instructions for going back with an sbf using rsd lite.
    Links are included. There really isn't anything else to it.
    You download the sbf file (387) and rsd lite. Rsd is a program to run on your pc.
    load up the program, in the program broowse for the sbf, plug in your phone and press the connect button, followed by start. Your phone has to be in bootloader by powering down, the holding power+volume up+volume down at the same time.

    I'm sorry but that's really it.
    Just be sure to have usb debugging on and have your phones usb connection on pc mode.
    Usb debugging is in your phone settings-application-developement.

    I'm afraid I do not know of a way for mac so someone else will have to step in.

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    If you're merely interested in rooting Motorola One Click Root has scripts for OS X and Linux. The Linux script works perfectly, I assume the OS X one works just as well. As for flashing back to froyo, I do not know about doing that on a mac seeing as I don't own one. Bootcamp, maybe? Also the fact that you have a PC that is a desktop changes what exactly? What about it being a desktop suddenly makes you unable to use it to flash your phone back to froyo?


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