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Thread: Headphone Jack issue

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    Headphone Jack issue

    Just had an issue come up yesterday with my headphone jack; I went to plug it into my car aux port and it only played over the phone. To check that it wasn't a car aux problem, I plugged in my headphones and checked them too... nothing. Then I pushed and held the jack down firmly into the phone and it began to play over the headphones. However, when I released it, the music paused as if I had unplugged the headphones all together. I read up online on it, and most people had massive amounts of lint/fuzz in theirs, but mine was crystal clear. Any advice? Ironically, I just got an extended battery in the mail for it today, and the rep at verizon told me I'd have to just get a new phone or bluetooth headphones, which I am not willing to do. Help would be much appreciated.
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    If you are handy taking apart small things you can fix it your self.

    Buy the jack on eBay.

    It is not soldered, just has contacts that touch the main board.

    Look up the ifixit teardown for the bionic and you will see what you would have to do.
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    Clean it with a qtip. It is usually dust packed on the contacts in the port from your pocket. Otherwise, just twist the plug til it makes the connection.

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