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Thread: Slight impact causes hard rest

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    Slight impact causes hard rest

    I got my Bionic back in October 2011, and it's in like-new condition, but now a slight impact, like a bump on the side or putting the phone in my pocket causes a hard reset. Anyone else have this problem? Luckily, I brought it into a Verizon store and got a certified replacement coming in the mail free of charge. It's stock with an official Motorola extended battery bought from the Verizon website. However, the hard reset is reproducible with the standard battery and case as well. Hopefully I'm the only one!
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    It could be one of many reasons, but I would bet it's either one of two possibilities;
    1. The pressure tabs where the battery sits have lost some of their spring, and by bumping the case, they very briefly detach from the battery contacts essentially performing a battery pull.
    2. One of those tabs have broken loose from their solder connection on the motherboard.

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    I was having that problem as well with my bionic. Replaced the battery, and no more problems. I believe it was one of the connectors on the battery that got damaged. Got a replacement extended battery on Amazon for 20 bucks. Drop my phone all the time with no problems. Doh!
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    Its your battery.


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