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Thread: Front facing camera and video chat application

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    I like Google Talk. Have used Skype as well, seems to work great. I tried Tango, did not like it that much.

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    I've used Skype & Google talk

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    There is also, Tango.. I like that alot..

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    I also use Tango. I have really enjoyed it and its really easy to use.

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    Tango works Great for me! Let me know if you have questions!
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    don't be offended, i'm just kind of a wiseass sometimes

    Quote Originally Posted by smalltowngirl13 View Post
    Google Talk will work, but the other party must also have video chat capabilities...
    Unlike the other video chat options, which definitely will work even if the other party doesn't have video chat capabilities!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nateohio View Post
    Because i only use apps that work reliably 100% of the time, and there are more than a few bionic users out there that skype doesn't work for.

    Also, I mentioned the fact that I'm not huge fan of skype on PC's.

    And I contribute a hell of alot to these forums and don't spam post. This is a very valid question and seeing as how I have very little experience with video calling, I wanted to get users opinions before I delved into it.

    And if google is developing a video chat function to compete with "facetime", I'd much rather support that so they further development on it.
    1. You wouldn't be using Skype on your pc, but rather the phone. During the call you just see the person.

    2. If someone told you not to go into a building because it was closed and you listened, when it was really open and they were giving all that enter $100, you'd be an idiot.

    I've used both and since most people use Skype, its fairly easy to use and more people have an account. I personally like Skype better.

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