OK, my curiosity is aroused and a search didn't come up with anything. Lately I have come across a notification over the Market that says "Your device isn't compatible with this item". One is Adobe Photoshop Express and another one one is the paid version of Andro Zip file manager. I noticed that it said that a SD card is required. I did have apps set to internal storage, so I went both through settings>applications>storage and through Jrummy's ROM Toolbox and set the storage to SD card, rebooted the phone and tried again, same thing, although Andro Zip now quits asking for a paid app on starting the app. The Adobe Photoshop Express is still the same thing. What is up with this? My Bionic is rooted with forever root and running Kin3tics ROM from Th3ory. I went to internal storage because the phone kept dumping apps when stored on the SD card.